Chris Skarlatos

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Chris Skarlatos is well known around the South Sydney community, having grown up in the area before becoming a respected agent. “I grew up in this area, I’m as local as they come!” he laughs. With 14 years in the game, is often sought out for his outstanding area knowledge. He is proud to bring his wealth of experience and excellent track record to the Ray White Green Square I Botany team. Chris is known for his sincerity and the good natured joke is that he’s “too honest for his own good”. However, in the real estate industry this has been his greatest asset, allowing him to continuously secure top prices for his sellers and deliver excellent value for vendors. “I’ve never had a client that’s been unhappy”, he admits. "I tell people how it is!” A leading local agent with great instincts and unwavering integrity, Chris possesses an excellent work ethic, strong morals and solid family values. He is described as "always happy", relaxed and consistent. ”You’ve got to treat people right. Then they will always remember you and come back”.


  • 2017 - Premier Member
  • 2016 - Premier Member
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