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Ray White Green Square l Botany is a place where people get treated well. Assembled by Principal Billy Couldwell for their passion, skill and integrity, the Ray White Green Square l Botany team thrives on leadership and collaboration. The group share an enthusiasm for the South Sydney area and are committed to being a number one real estate agency that truly cares about the South Sydney property market. “We moved in here before anyone else did, because we appreciate the growth potential in the area”, says Billy.

Passionate about team development, all agents bring a diverse and complementary skill set to the team and enjoy learning about each other’s experience. There is no hierarchy and it’s a team that prides themselves on being young at heart, positive and tenacious. “We work hard for one another and we love dealing with people. We want to be the best, we have personal reasons to succeed”.

The thing however that inspires the team the most however are the people. “We’re positive and fun, but we’re about not giving up. In a years time, we know people will think of Ray White Green Square l Botany first when they think of South Sydney. We’ll always get you the result. ”

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